We’ve used the gas in the “story” after the sandwich Man earthquake

Further, when asked, "Do you ever use a gas-by say Datte comedy?" From Itoi, Date is when the thing can be said because it is "now, actually" die "do the words come out pretty Tteyuu What we neta I'm. I was quit it. I thought I mean do not put out that easily. comment as Tteyuu did not want to say it, even in the here ... "and the change in the style of acting came out. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://news.livedoor.com/topics/detail/14416403/ Wwwwww the sandwich man is too good friends Sandwich Man's, resulting in a donation to the northeast 400 million yen Comedy I want the Mecha pond successor program entertainer Whether the total Tenbosch is not why sell [Conscription] successor of Downtown (54)
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