Wai “I this Women completes, drink milk tea” clerk “Customer there is was a woman limited”

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/03/09 (Fri) 12: 50: 57.19 ID: LYgy6IOt0.net Wai "No yan usually becomes high than this because I asked daily and salad and a drink, I'm this Women completes just right because Ya light eating" Clerk, "I'm sorry, and were women limited ..." Wai "I have such potency me it? Does this leave rush Consumer Agency together? Is and Bring good Women completes here also would spare time?" Clerk "Please little wait ..." On it also had to wait this leave 10 minutes precious lunch time Excuse me. Since there is no money it does not put out the lunch fee of 500 yen. ← I was come mail from a mom friend www Once in Tokyo cafe, taken this in 1500 yen wwwwwww The results I bought high juice sold at FamilyMart www (with image) Karaoke I "Let's keep the good sing until the drink comes" → after 10 minutes "or sing only ...... 1 song Do not come," I [Sad news] housewife was written as "ugly woman" in receipt, anger of the claim (with image)
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