Trump President, request the creation of a “Space Forces” “It’s a region where the space war is carried out.”

Trump Mr. speech before the troops in Miramar (Miramar) Marine Corps base in San Diego (San Diego), land, sea and air as well as also announced that a national strategy of its own about the universe because it is a region that is performed war universe. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source South Korean President Office, "there was no personal letter of Chairman Kim (only conveyed the message of gold Seion verbally Trump)" We were able to draw a Taro Aso - [US Florida shootings] consider regulation as Trump "extreme video games and movies are affected." [Florida high school shootings] Mr. Trump, the teacher is "ending soon" be able to fight with a gun talk to students of the shootings survivor [Sad news] "can this," Mr., the official Twitter account is frozen.
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