Past Ariyoshi Hiroyuki was furious to Mari Okamoto

Speaking of such Okamoto, there is the fact that past, infuriated Hiroyuki Ariyoshi. She is a radio program, "Hiroyuki Ariyoshi of SUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER" in 2010, in charge of primary assistant. But this time, without the preparatory reading of the original document, or did not read the Chinese characters in the production, for reasons such as not strike well the back-channel feedback, was also one-act to irritate the Ariyoshi. Then, she becomes a step down the program in just 9 months. According to the Ariyoshi, Okamoto radio assistant era, it says that had Nde Tsukko as "would you entertainer?", But she "I, neither in the entertainer, neither in idle" and, things to have been evasions. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source Ariyoshi "The other celebrity'll be better not to participate Comiket. Because is something like this. The poor" ← This wwwwwwwwww Hiroyuki Ariyoshi "I Hiroyuki Miyasako, Do'm reluctant to be maintained in the habit of stupid, really troublesome." Suzukifuku's "Tokujo Calvi 1 servings (1609 yen)! Tokujo Harami 2 servings (¥ 3650)!" Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (2008), "the hell Two Megastat in this toplist Eyo ugly Shut up!" Hiroyuki Ariyoshi is a dressing room greeting rule of absolute NG → entertainment industry Shinagawa commentary
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