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Maxim of Jewish helpful too Warota wwwww 1: If the blows wind nameless @ (^ o ^) / 2015/07/07 ( Tue) 12: 28: 35.87 ID: Jewish children are heard repeatedly saying, such as from an early age the next. • If, when dirty books and clothes, first wipe from this. - learned to review that it is, not to remember. While we review many times, because there is a new discovery. And to review, 100 times, in the to review 101 times, there is a big difference between them. - shy person, not be a good student. People must learn to greedy. • If, suddenly in front of the eye, even if an angel appeared saying that trying to get to wear all of the teachings in an instant of "Tiger (Holy Scripture)," I Refusing. Learning process for a person what, because it is more important than the results. People only through effort, rewarded.
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