I manager of’m of Homusen but are embarrassed to adopt to come to the interview Truly cute child

1: The following, (^ o ^) / You will receive a VIP 2015/03/05 (Thu) 02: 59: 20.17 ID: cm2wg0R00.net It's enough Admit people, It cute face (Mitsushima similar crystal), to face small, head stone,'s a delicate, to bright. Honest Obahan and the ugly 20-year-old girl only not have part is, I want to hire really because the morale rises Come to to me et al men When you give hired this child trying to do, but DQN "Chitto before you think whether smoked even filial piety in the period in the job I had been mischievousness to" interviewer "was impressed! Adopted!" The interviewer, "What is the maximum number to be counted with one hand," I "fashion!?" [Impact] in Homusen charcoal stove (¥ 980) result was bought wwww I'm weird has been full out Once you have the image printing but wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww TV "recently of young people have been job hunting with an emphasis on workplace atmosphere" dwarf "Fumufumu"
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