Help, and despair read over the e-mail with her, which broke up two years ago

1: The following, (^ o ^) / You will receive a VIP 2015/03/02 (Mon) 04: 33: 40.42 ID: Really it's to put out was what you guys are? It swung to a mecha Kimoi confession to [sad news] Wai girl Mom of Wye is I want you to fix I'm the gal ish do Ya LINE Boss "you, I'm a habit to go in the half-hearted work?" Wye "For example ...?" Boss "I was greeting when you return from tomorrow." High school teacher (63) "student told me to sit next to on the bus ... Ya favorite thing !? guy Wai it! To Ya! Braze suitor!" [Sad news] You "bear for free from advertising!" Tuber hotel "future, bloggers all refuse!"
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