[Good news] Taro Yamamoto actually super-talented theory wwwww

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/03/12 (Mon) 21: 32: 43.09 ID: 7VwD57ky0.net Taro Yamamoto "If the Ministry of Finance of the bureaucracy! Do not die! You're required to country!" ← answer to two days prior to the bureaucracy suicide Taro Yamamoto "This is a Akkido incident! Japan does not constitute a state of the body if left untreated this!" I had heard laughing remarks this Taro Yamamoto Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers and Netouyo's our wwwwww Taro Yamamoto "become poverty is not a responsibility of the people! It's because of the Liberal Democratic Party!" [Video] Taro Yamamoto "conspiracy says that unrelated to the public, but we the government raise the voice to people like is not in the general public. Everybody out who is here." Daisuke Tsuda to "now the most trusted person best 100 in Japan", HamaNoriko, Taro Yamamoto et al appeared "Conspiracy" opposition demonstration, placard forced Taro Yamamoto in the Yamanote Line "Tonkachi preparation crime you buy" "It's Gasa purse! 'S investigation!" → Taro Yamamoto of the Liberal Party and the Yuko Mori is assault investigation in the Cabinet Office
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