“Dragon Ball Super” continued new movie also published decision of course drawing also talk also Akira Toriyama

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/03/13 (Tue) 10: 43: 35.86 ID: rta8XLRhd.net "Dragon Ball Super" official @ DB_super2015 [Movie information ban] movie "Dragon Ball Super" 12 May 14 (Friday) published decision! This time of the movie, the next story of the anime that aired now on TV! Goku of visual & Akira Toriyama teacher of comments arrived! For more information check the movie official site! https://i.imgur.com/kfenxVJ.png [3 years ago] entertainer or something Muramoto of Woman rush hour wwww Dragon Ball 3 big boss "freezer", "cell", "Buu" of the original ← yan yeah Ramen shop of the bookshelf "Kochikame!" "Oishinbo!" It's seen roughly the age of that person in they were underlay with elementary school Elementary school students Wai "took Yossha behind! Bashed and a combo!" Pappa "Koraaaa !!"
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