Also takeover PC in the “fatal” defect exploited AMD-made CPU

Israeli information security company CTS lab (CTS Labs) is 13 days, the latest CPU and chip set of the US semiconductor giant Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), fear is a defect is found and which is used to hijack computers and network It revealed. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source 4 years ago Japan national football team, "Milan! Man U! Intel!" Gonna ordered PC in the computer shop wwww [Good news] Mouse Computer, 700,000 yen of the personal computer is 73 percent 170,000 yen OFF America "Google! Apple! Amazon! Microsoft!" Japan "shooting, Toyota ..." I "your hands!" Home of the dog "......" your hand "your hand want!" Home of the dog "......" (about sorry PITA likely of your hand)
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