10 years ago Fuji TV of Golden band program

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/03/06 (Tue) 03: 18: 00.90 ID: 8g0RomOm0.net (Month) Nepurigu / HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP / month 9 Drama [New] "CHANGE" / SMAP × SMAP / carpool (fire) Caspe! / Tue 9 Drama [New] "absolute boyfriend" / Tue 10 Drama [New] "excessive love" / Tamori of Japonica Logos (water) Quiz! Hexagon II / bouncing DOO Villa / The Best House 123 / [New] laughter red carpet / Gutan Nouveau (wood) [New] nationwide! Japanese test / miracle experience! Anbiribabo / thanks to everyone Tunnels Could / Thursday theater [new] "Last Friends" / VVV6 (Money) [New] test Japon / Friday Prestige / [New] fortune! Japan Lou Islands / [new] reason there Taro (soil) IQ Sapuri / Mecha × 2 are COOL Tsu! / Saturday Premium / Saturday Drama [New] "81diver" (Day) Nekketsu! Heisei Education Institute / junk SPORTS / Mentore G / new coverage Premier A / Shindo this brother Why entertainer was on the door villa or did not you Taisei of splashing Mecha Ike ← seen bouncing bet villa ← Well ... Pical theorem ← is? [Sad news] Plant George's, circle looks and eyes there is no only ten work www Herculean strength [transcendence breaking] got off to a hair Saime Kotome Gotch is too cute wwwwwwwww [Sad news] Fuji TV viewing rate is dangerous ...............
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