[Brief] Moritomo document falsification problem, it was these things?

1: not a gravel woman 2018/03/12 (Mon) 18:29:33 ID: rekijodehanai Found the Moritomo document falsification this problem is, in summary, Kagochi the Ministry of Finance "For example, keep put to Honma Is ... Hon'nara document", "Prime Minister Abe of his wife also Dee was O'praised Wye school" ↓ of the basket pond It turned out to be a good-for-nothing fellow talk ↓ Ministry of Finance "dangerous ... coral to remove" ↓ anti-Abe "document falsification! Abe Cabinet overthrow!" like this one. Aho grass. - not a Reki-jo (Attorekijodehanai) 03 May 12, 2018 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Related article document.write('' + ''); Mr. Akie, Moritomo problem "I really want to know my truth." [Asahi Shimbun] "I want to request described with bail Mr. basket pond" Constitutional Democratic Party, Yukio Edano "not too late is a risk of destruction of evidence in Mr. Kagochi" [Sad news] Asahi Shimbun "in this black or you enter Te" Abe Memorial Elementary School "!" → "I took Machigo Sorry I" [Moritomo] found that it was a lie of the Democratic Progressive Party, "" Abe Shinzo was conjecture by the name of Memorial Elementary School "!" ← basket pond wwww Suspicion of Kagochi before to arrest the President and Mrs. ← subsidies optimizing law violations
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