No. 1 Mr. Amamiya, inadvertently Tokyo, New York, the possibility of falling in and Taiwan

Tiangong-1 full-length 10.4 m, weight 8.5 tons, most is expected to burn up when enter the atmosphere, risk of debris about 100 kilometers weight to fall to the ground, toxic substances are scattered it is also that there of. China is in the report, which was submitted to the United Nations, has been that there is a possibility that the fall in April 17 October to 18 years. In addition, it was carried out development and design of the No. 1 Amamiya China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Research Institute in January, along with the show the prospect of a fall in 18 years the first half, "there is no evidence to the theory that fell out of control." It was countered. (Translation and editing / Okada) ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source Tsukiji market was also continued Savory investigation until now Moreover coral www, which has been soil contamination www [Sad news] fall prediction region of China has become out of control satellite "Tiangong-1" is published [Akan] it was washed by rubbing with a towel to lightly spray the "detergent of the stock solution" to the carpet of the room, but ... Severe vegetable I did not like was hard because I felt likely to Eat Now if the results → ··· to be told the facts ridiculous from the mother It's good Tatte smoked in Where is the ICOS? wwwwwwww
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