Hitoshi Matsumoto “We are frustrated to the net cafe refugees. Do I think we work hard if could live on the street?”

Matsumoto "do not you down narrow by little so that you do know (the room)?" And presents a rare proposal. Although actors was counsel "It is not a story to expel", "do not have to create a place where the people who are going when went out" with a laugh, Matsumoto is "something I wonder everyone friendly, and listening to the story. I'm a little, have been frustrated," he countered. Described the idea of ​​"Because I want to work (net cafe refugees) properly" with its own. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source https://www.nikkansports.com/entertainment/news/201802180000429.html Charisma YouTuber Hikaru "want me to be the of Japan individual. Exist, such as Hitoshi Matsumoto" ← eh? Noritoshi Furuichi "Nde believe in reincarnation, grave is okay to remove hurry. There is nothing in that stone." Do not sell a fight to Summers Mimura This Hitoshi Matsumoto? wwwww Become a different person, as in [sad news] Hitoshi Matsumoto (37) → (50) Why did not the talent of the film director is to Hitoshi Matsumoto?
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