Coin check class action “to return the virtual currency itself”

The user 7 people in the Kanto and Tokai region, which had been chosen as the plaintiff in the first lawsuit (personal five people, corporate two companies). On February 27, it is scheduled to be raised of the second lawsuit, widely recruiting the plaintiff (participation deadline is February 22, 2008). Lawyers Since the establishment, call for participation by e-mail to about 1 thousand people there was a consultation. The future, when advance the litigation, and a claim for damages due to the drops of virtual currency, the transaction is that the plan to add even claim compensation, which was regarded as damage to itself that it has stopped. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source Coin check theft NEM, or money laundering anonymously coin "DASH" [Resign] exchange confirmation of the outflow Nemu and another virtual currency. Ban the purchase of virtual currency bank-affiliated credit card "Debt at the bit coin," said special fraud 72-year-old woman, 5 million yen damage [Genius] is not the world get going if you make a virtual currency that does not change value?
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