Subcontract “This order it and I will take one month” large companies “I need your help by somehow two weeks! I’m a hurry!”

Subcontract 1: The following,? Channel VIP will send you from 2018/02/12 (Mon) 14: 15: 58.539 ID: Subcontract "Zee ... Zee ...... ......'ll somehow in time for two weeks in the overtime and holiday work every day." Large companies "Yoroshikuu even in two weeks from next Thats Dekin if Oyyare" Wai track maintenance workers, tears of returning home! w TEPCO "not got", "worker daily allowance 100,000 yen are paying the" workers TEPCO "Eh!?" 20s Wai 30s, used the Tame opening to men in their 40s Woman, "Where are you working?" I (sewage treatment plant work) "It Is Toko to clean the Toka water (^ _ ^)" Subcontract "I'm sorry ... you delay the process ..." Wai customer competent "Huh - (Kusodeka sigh)"
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