[Sad news] earphone’s, to completely destroy the ear of DQN

[Sad news] earphone's, to completely destroy the ear of DQN 1: Anonymous @ open 2018/02/13 (Tue) 20:58:39 ID: cjE 08/01/17 When in high school, and have the boys that floats obviously in the class, always rest time by just one person isolated neither do I poor Walkman. With anyone not speak, it is also devoted to teaching in the teacher Shikato. Teachers had given up. But, teacher one day is Te sharp, I was yelled during class against that person. Properly Shabero, I white reaction against what I said fine. Of course I was not watching the course of events in the I, et al. Wktk, that person is and I think was silent sit still, fit in the ear and remove the Walkman, I started listening to music to have shouted the teacher. 150,000 of the earphone and the thousand sound quality difference between the yen earphone wwwwwwwwwwww Doctor "De discovered new sick! So and, braze put your name!" [Hunter Hunter] illusion brigade "chasing secretly killed fellow!" But it's the guy was Yabaka' Seriously behind the seat at the time of the entrance examination Seniors (37) "I'm was fun to see the fly behind in dude momentum dropped empty cans from Is the w Shinkansen window around the time of kid ww"
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