I “Hey’s why wearing a mask?” Idiot clerk, “Yes?” I “No, are you doing with mask now probably at work? Why at work?”

I 1: The following,? Channel VIP will send you from 2018/02/12 (Mon) 15: 43: 44.338 ID: gDWjjQie0.net Idiot clerk "Well ......" I "You know, Is the? Suggee do not think it's rude I to hospitality still attached? Mask tried to calmly think?" Idiot clerk "But ...... for the prevention" I "probably no good is butted guests the convenience of the Well I'm your convenience? Clerk What prevention?" Idiot clerk "Oh, I see ......" I "I? Clerk useless When wearing a mask, which it common sense." Idiot clerk, "Yes! Thank you!" I thus have tempered clerk Please tell me the Kurokôchi Toka city like a mystery cartoon that not only I Once you have the mask double of the virus 99.9% cut Wai "I'd like a name on here. So it is a payment in the Yes card", "cards" clerk Wye "Shah Naa no" Kakikaki Washing too cumbersome 10 days pooled results wwww Pass the middle school girls → umbrella standing in the heavy rain → Nakitsuka are → be protected at home you do not want to go back → result wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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