Wai (8 years old) “I wonder Yaro’m the bottom I salaried well come out Shinbashi on TV ….”

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/02/11 (Sun) 15: 25: 48.48 ID: uJeuqD8ta.net Wye (28) "Yan Kussoerito I salaried workers of Shinbashi!" Wwwwwww the family of wire is too elite [Impact] after one month of the person who early retired heritage 200 million is entered wwwww Bobby Ologun "virtual currency will disappear one day because the government can not completely control." Classmate and drinking Wai (26) "..." friend A "..." friend B "..." friend C "..." Blind date the man in annual income 6 million Kussowarota wwwwwww
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