Palliative period of up to receive unemployment insurance 3 months free time too wwwww

1: The following,? Channel VIP will send you from 2018/02/13 (Tue) 13: 52: 42.468 ID: Free time Ya ne in the apt. Who obtained Toka elective period. I too long. Laughing Wai small-scale, without new employees come even one person Wai Shou, safely retirement made this morning to the president and the tussle Take-home 16-180000 I'm bi-weekly weekends and holiday overtime a month for 15-30 hours I'm this black? I like neat "I'd facility security guards but" interviewer "First of all I gained one year of experience in the field of traffic security" ← this Harowa staff "Eh? Datte about salary 300,000? Not so much Nowak people!"
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