Or Oru I hero continued to from beginning to end Muso guy?

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/02/12 (Mon) 22: 11: 17.89 ID: zjrFI7yD0.net Or Oru was continued to Muso not be struggling, let alone lose? Orufenzu Gundam Gundam Blood and iron had been sold explosion Waiganota, not stop ← not stop trembling with Orufenzu is too interesting Blood and iron ... Ganota "gory Gundam Favorite!" ← So why not a lift Blood and iron? [Sad news] Gundam Blood and iron Orufenzu, contradiction does not stop 3 failed Robo animation of large Heisei "Arudonoazero", "comet Lucifer," "Kuromukuro", "Regalia", "Nobunaga zone Fool"
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