I think if I Ya but I think if you try to open “natto over rice shop” in the city center?

I think if I Ya but I think if you try to open 1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/02/07 (water) 19: 45: 31.46 ID: i3fY2BrMa.net Natto over the OL and salarymen target menu that eye is not eaten in the mood around I want to eat rice natto Kakegohan set 550 yen (natto Kakegohan, miso soup, pickles, gum) Put 400 yen miso soup 100 yen natto Kakegohan's 100 yen small bowl 50 to 150 yen Meal ticket system, reflected in the natto also without the cost because the self-Price YouTuber "UUUM" is Mothers listing of management → HIKAKIN, affiliation, such as the beginning Shacho Result next target of Hime-chan of Netoge has become to me wwww Lotte "Akan! ... not and is not extended sales of Bikkuriman !! Insutabae source she "fruit flies fruit flies fruit flies fruit flies" Chiku' Oh, this guy pretty guy of the features that I think I head be nice
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