I “customers also less … cash register also a two vacant are … now! I need your help of public payment!”

I 1: The following,? Channel VIP will send you from 2018/02/13 (Tue) 07: 24: 30.529 ID: Wt992Eo / d.net Clerk 1 <bar code beep beep clerk 2 I <~, which has lined up customers Here wait ↓ Customer Customer Clerk 1 clerk second three Σ I customer customer customer Clerk 1 <pitch clerk 2 <stamp Bambang I <register Shiroyo ... Customer customer customer customer By King Kotoge, unhappy with the clerk not hear flexibility Clerk "will be 462 yen" dwarf "in the 467 yen" Tavern "in the Well white rice and pacific saury and cold tofu" came my clerk, "Yes, drinks ..." I "Ah, in your water!" Clerk "What? Oh, yes ..." Although I bought the game in the book off is different contents wwwwwwww [A hill at the back] home of 35-year-old rich uncle, the younger 13-year-old daughter-in-law get
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