Daughter, aware of the defects of the kotatsu.

1: Naomi Ogura 2018/02/12 (Mon) 23:22:32 ID: ogura_naomi Daughter, "I kotatsu is allowed to enter, are not designed to come out." Or have started to say, deep. - Naomi Ogura (Attoogura_naomi) 02 May 12, 2018 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Related article document.write('' + ''); Wai to the girl who took a security guard at the holiday of ion puzzled bites finger "This man ~ !!" Wai, wwww, which is refuted in Musukko (4) and the hot discussion to have results → Musumme (7) Kotatsu of the switch "OFF □" ← this Air conditioning had to know the No. 1 fuel consumption cheap fact [Sad news] Wainito, dropped the air conditioner of the breaker
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