Result was attack on women’s class mate though it Pizadebu WWWWWWWWWWWW

1: The following, (^ o ^) / VIP will send it 2017/01/31 (Tue) 00: 27: 58.040 ID: 3 Women's A, "For example, I was that? ... bad I thought that way please do not matter anymore." High 2 Women's B, "because there he loves me, I'm sorry, because the feeling was found, Good luck." Reduced weighing 20 kilometers ※ broken heart shock High 3 Women's C, "if possible ... I'm sorry Do not wanted to watch as a friend, not meet the expectations." Large 1 Women's D, "Hey intention of it ridicule? I'm quitting, at all." Large 3 Women's E "I have talked with me many men, in fact I'm his long relationship, I'm sorry?" Now 24, no longer speak a decent woman becomes a woman phobia Soshage addiction Wai, multiplied by the end life wwww Unemployed Tommo "Monster Hunter is gonna's efficiency-oriented" annual income 10 million Wai "Ah, yes." 22-year-old I'm incompetent nurse wwwww that arrived withholding slip Husband "Today may'm a simple thing," Wai "I'm sorry! Thank you! What is good?" Husband "fried chicken Toka" ← this Immediately fight broke out but has been living with her .....
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