“Debt at the bit coin,” said special fraud 72-year-old woman, 5 million yen damage

Kyoto Prefecture Yawata unemployed women (72), it was found that the man et al. Claiming the son was ripped off a 5 million yen in cash in debt story over the virtual currency "bit coin". Kyoto Prefectural Police Yahata station has announced eight days. Police are investigating as a fraud case. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://www.sankei.com/smp/west/news/180208/wst1802080067-s1.html Current Ru 1,000,000 melted heavyweights in [sad news] home lasting habit to bit coin of Quotations you want to let the person who and lose in the virtual currency is here wwwwww South Korea's, resulting in inadvertently caught since the Japanese bought a gold bullion in large quantities in the gold selling virtual currency in South Korea. Payslips of Wye is about the matter of grass-covered Halved property in the virtual currency
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