Is sad work list after the original has stopped animated

1: punipico 2018/02/05 (Mon) 07:16:16 ID: punipico Hey original author in the results unexploded though was Kogitsuke to work list long-awaited animated had ceased animation after of the original there is sadness Toka from being lost dial care ...... - Punipico (Attopunipico) 02 May 05, 2018 Related article document.write('' + ''); Fool "sore child do not need a Sailor Jupiter is abnormal. Big It's a pointless ponytail." [Sad news] promise of Neverland of the author, the color of the hair is green wwwwwwww Author "I did it, it is animated! Production company startled ..." [Sad news] Kadokawa's, more than not exceed line [Obituaries] cartoon version of "Wolf Children" author Yu's death
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