[Good news] DNA collected for the police Matsuoka Shinya-kun disappearance elucidation

On March 7, 1989 it has disappeared suddenly from the house of relatives of Tokushima Prefecture Sadamitsu cho Matsuoka Shinya-kun (then 4 years old). Tokushima Prefecture Police, visited the house of the parents on February 3, 2018 in order to resolve the incident, it was found that was collected DNA. · DNA does not mean pressure is applied to the collection is complete, however Tokushima Prefectural Police, it seems to proceed rather sincere and careful investigation, visited the original parents of Matsuoka Shinya-kun on February 3, 2018, DNA that went to collect. This is Matsuoka Shinya-kun of the father, in which Matsuoka Masanobu's told on the Internet, there is no doubt it is a fact. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://buzz-plus.com/article/2018/02/04/dna-wada-ryuto-matsuoka-shinya/ [Sad news] PSN's, monthly 500 yen billing mackerel is rolled fallen under the influence of the Monster Hunter world [Sad news] "Do you think that an increasing number of recent TV deflection coverage" audience of Kai → result [Breaking] "Hinomaru sumo" TV animated Kita ━━━━ (° ∀ °) ━━━━ !! South Korea "does not fall even international creditworthiness do not violate international law be discarded the agreement." [Ultra-sound argument] Minori Kitahara "in a formal agreement, if there is violence and lie in its way, democracy was mature that the review"
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