Takasu director, defeated the turban shell’s sponsor dispute “frustrating Now”

Takasu Clinic of Katsuya Takasu director is 30 days, and update Twitter, revealed that it has lost the sponsor bid of popular anime "Mr. turban" of Fuji TV. Takasu director is "report from now advertising agency."'ve lost to sponsor a bid of Sazae ". Best to raise your hand to was to ask me" Do not disturb ".... Without a paddle of struggle and misdirection of one's strength to everyone of large companies. muttered a frustrated now. " ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180130-00000085-dal-ent Takasu director, defeated the turban shell's sponsor dispute Stop Fuji TV 27 hours TV live to almost recording Wwwwww Do'm the last bastion for the housewife I Sazae 10 years ago people "www course not Toshiba will go bankrupt." Parent "was already married at the time of the same age as you." Wwww mobs voice of the turban shell's broadcast 2400 times Memorial is too gorgeous
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