Idol group “virtual currency girl” is of anger conference wwwww

Virtual currency themed idol group "virtual currency girl" is 27 days, I received a problem that virtual currency which has been entrusted by the customer in the "coin check" virtual currency exchanges "NEM" (Nemu) has been illegal remittance, in Tokyo I went the conference. To place the press conference in front of the refund announcement, it started off with a charm all members has purchased hope to resolve the uproar. Kamikawa MizuumiHaruka (17) spoke with "I'm sorry for those fans gave us the money to the NEM to cheer me", was to reveal the anger and "Bakayaro! That is the feeling" to the hacker. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source Tetsuro Degawa, be forced to a maximum of predicament entertainer life wwwww People of tweets had multiplied over life 20 million yen is too dire to [sad news] coin check Ryotsu "virtual currency of the eagle Aaaa" The results Katsumi's business failed King "Katsumi-Sayuri" was registered in Bitcoin → I Ya has been returned me by example to sell Once you LINE friends
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