[Sad news] charisma youtuber Hikaru’s, impatient and fan club enrollees is too small

1: Looking for Anonymous. . . 2018/01/26 (Fri) 01: 02: 30.60 0.net No unlikely This contains only about 30,000 of one-hundredth of the registrant [Sad news] charisma youtuber Hikaru's, wwwwwwwwwwwwwww that eats Bunshun gun Old MMO "what are you doing listening!" "Hey ◯◯◯!" ← I think it was like this I Bakka in Gachi Dangerous in the apartment without Reheating propane gas bills of the person who had entered the bath every day wwwwwww Hikaru's charisma, or YouTube specifications are no longer able to buy the number of playback changes What did you lose to much of generic Merukari is Yahoo! Auctions?
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