[Sad news] Hoshin Engi, I do not know why Seriously of the one apt was now animated

1: The following,? VIP will send you from the channel 2018/01/14 (Sun) 18: 48: 22.794 ID: LzdHkVUt0.net Someone tell me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sztcJ_aJYI FGO love girl, also Buchigire retired in biocidal Institute Chiara result in billing the debt 1.4 million. Hoshin Engi, re-animated decision? Japanese film "huh ... huh ... was also doing the live-action cartoons ..." [Sad news] new anime Hoshin Engi, grandly he 's going. It was now the jump but it has become the "D.Gray-man", "Reborn", "Eyeshield 21" ← guys sign the comics?
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