[Sad news] Wai, going crazy the head will come to love the child of boyfriend retention

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/01/07 (Sun) 01: 23: 31.47 ID: YT2W64KHa.net Mad likely and though it is it in the Toka have a boyfriend According to the story of the friend (s) of the child to did laden feel anymore attack because It was not hard to drink promise Toka various put from when love was told not boyfriend meet every great nearby do that or have praised me interesting things Wai or have body touch or spoke to me Ya another crazy would likely I was got a present of about 50,000 yen from boyfriend Wwwwwwwwww that have been confessed to her friend Listen to me for the first time are puzzled Mote from the work for you did not Mote student days [Sad news] hag seniors (30), wwww, which is come to work holiday on Christmas Eve humming such as "have Na say lightning boyfriend ... old hag!" Wwwwwwww that Ta' dumped before Christmas
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