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1: Anonymous @ open 2018/01/12 (Fri) 16:34:20 ID: Xpa Spec college SanKon KinoeRyu small and medium-sized enterprise sector trade occupations business working hours 9 am to 18 pm Saturday at 9-12 (I'm resting in about once every two weeks) Day celebration Bon Festival, Golden Week, New Year holidays annual leave 100 days car commuting to work overtime without (the last to go home because most of the bottom) Business trip is a domestic and international There month 1 (one person) Annual income 4.56 million yen (travel allowance much eggplant years 3.5-4 is not included) Apart from lending private cars and commercial vehicles from salary increases year 10,000-20,000 company housing available company (lease Daitsuki 20,000 to 30,000 yen) Parking, insurance, taxes the company has 28-year-old wife and children Yes house rental 3dk Car Audi Or Wye spec is going to do I do that is to worldly [Impact] winter bonus of manufacturers operating Manwai (30)! Great wwwww Not that you can not if feel like to die → confession was a result www 【Really? ] Ex-girlfriend has been pressing for reuniting know my asset situation 38-year-old, is in matchmaking does not sleep at night in anger does not forgive. The results I bought mobile battery of 500 yen Daiso www (with image)
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