It was too severe but rice cooker took to the electrical shop from broken within the guarantee

1: Anonymous @ open 2018/01/13 (Sat) 20:40:42 ID: hRO Clerk, "May I help you?" His "Please repair because there is a guarantee I'd broken the rice cooker" Clerk "It's impossible." Yourself "What?" Clerk "is certainly within the warranty but due to your negligence is not guaranteed." His "I was broken I use normally I negligence" Clerk, "say your own is because it is your fault more than you are using." myself"???" Where do when what if negligence to become guarantee broken by using normally I bumped seen if Toka broke? Not a fraud I guarantee there? I thought iPhone6 guy is using still wwww [Dumbfounded] after one month was bought used cars at 300,000 yen wwwww When I was on the right side full from turn right at the moped, the results came immediately car next to wwwww Be first and foremost if we win 700 million yen lottery It has been found cause of black companies does not decrease absolute
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