Fundraising foreigner www that in front of the station come over voice or “Sumimasen”

1: Anonymous @ open 2017/12/13 (water) 15:20:30 ID: zo8 I think why it has been found Yazo third time this year with you and this comes over the voice in Wye I because this fraud Ya [Sad news] Hikakin's, was the devil to shed tears on innocent children wwwww Wai "Whoa have fallen wallet" devil "Steal all" angel "Go withdrawal bill only" Stray cat has been riding on the shoulder www Truly has Drops www (with image) Father, "his son would collect the money in fund-raising and to me heart disease!" Mother "Well!" Gonna open piggy bank that had saved six years from now wwww → counted results wwww (with image)
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