Economists “of corporate earnings wages of workers is increased if Nobile” ← www

1: Anonymous @ open 2018/01/11 (Thu) 09:17:25 ID: 13C Most companies Thats not aiming always tries to cut off the neck of many workers even one person to think and do not want to pay more in red cent to the workers? It is almost Do not Care About growth and wage increases of revenue [Large] justice New Zealand government "gaijin is a real estate purchase prohibition?" [Sad news] animator average annual income 1.1 million, more than a month overtime 100 hours Byte manager "it's likely to leave everyone in the part-time workers of the people next month ... sometimes can not be week 5?" Eat the peperoncino in the store guy is a fool wwwwww The interviewer, "Do you work Why?" I "is to live to earn the money" interviewer "Do Well the will die and you have no money?" I "..."
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