[Australian arm] woman’s “I want a son only cold meal the case for poor. Son dedicated microwave oven installed in the school.”

605: nameless of Cinco knowing 2011 Google Translation (Mon) 08: 18: 18.25 ID: sa11tg5l I do not know what to say here, but please if good opinion. Elementary school is the mother of freshman boys. The son has food allergies, we are milk, dairy products, the life egg was removed. Since the hives if you put in the mouth. Even though, or eat some of the notation (some have you using the milk of raw materials), because the symptoms if 1/2 degree that was also heated for the egg does not appear, it is to eat what the person wants Although it is or. Although lunch entered the elementary school began, because in the school his son attends not turn even the hand has been cooking in the school, is so can not Allergy-Free diet. Discuss results, to the day that there are things that do not eat a son in the menu, it was decided to bring the alternative food from home. Those that can be removed at the hands of homeroom teacher (such as tinsel egg on top of the sushi) is so teacher us except. In this flow, or my selfish of the, it came out may not be able to determine whether the good thing is also claimed. For example, in this week's menu, stew, hamburger, pilaf, because the alternative diet of egg soup is required, it must have provided a total of 3 days alternative. But was said to be good if Kurere made to have, such as what side dishes as lunch from the school, as is parental love, but everyone would like to eat a warm stew to his son if the stew. In school, warm, because such things can not be even the act of cool, what is likely to be given the morning all right (such as a salad or hamburger) is to have in the morning, I went I got to day just before the break time those that do not you have. (Because if the winter spoil worry is reduced we believe that also wonder if there is a hand that warm lunch) Although this is becoming easier rather be here alone is said to be good with one microwave oven, we here in the prepared a microwave oven, I use to son Nante proposal of ways to reduce the school side burden to warm yourself There Is it as one likes? After lunch is a cost, but about 5000 yen per month. When the per diem, what is it can be seen to have been provided fairly cheap, son nor are drinking the milk, it's not even asked to put something in place of the ones that do not eat, everyone the same meal costs I do not go honestly convinced that. But I convinced you are that high only son lunch costs instead of get out the alternative diet. How do you feel you? sorry it took so long. [Impact] result kindergarten unruly rowdy is subjected to inspection at the hospital wwwwwww Mamma "Anta is □ △ 〇 × !!!!!" Wai (8) "Oh ... Oh ..." rattled Severe vegetable I did not like was hard because I felt likely to Eat Now if the results → ··· to be told the facts ridiculous from the mother Son of a friend "Ninen funny mom What is unpaid, the dad should Ya give reward + pocket money." [Sad news] live-action version of Pokemon movie, Pikachu Auditors determined wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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