Tommo “Let ‘s go Kokoichi” dwarf “Let’s go Indian curry shop than it.”

1: If the blows wind nameless 2018/01/10 (water) 12: 07: 19.49 ID: PDEI5W + Wai "from the cheapest to there is also rice." Tommo "Yeah ... oh well ..." Meal after Tommo "was Truly delicious! Probably too cheap Toka 600 yen in there! I will invite now another guy!" Wai smile Guy Tommo come say so used wi-fi at home N Wye Kusso incompetence or something soy sauce in a fried egg Eat in potato chips chopsticks guy wwwwwwwwwww [Sad news] drunken Wai, delicacy is too lack Wai "I wonder this frozen beef bowl Umee ....." package chiller
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