[Sad news] Korea’s, would not realize the greatest risk.

People's lives and the economy, the South Korean government the closure of the serious impact the virtual currency exchange in the financial market was turned upside down in just seven hours from the announcement. This is not forced to inspire a serious doubt on the government management capacity of the current government. Immediately after the exchange closure was announced, Moon Jae-in 20-30 generations is the main support layer (Moon Jane) President regret the fact that supporting the rush to "statement the President on the bulletin board of the Cheong Wa Dae website "since the writing took one after another, such as, we have an excuse to, such as the proponents Office of the President reviewed the quickly policy" not intended to be yet formally determined ". 3 million advance notice to the market to trade in advance of the day up to 6 trillion won (about 630 billion yen) is also not appear suddenly, fear government boasted and put a big key to the entrance, to something in just a few hours I put down the tail as if hugging. The whole world was a policy that focus. The incompetence and irresponsibility of the South Korean government's like was known to the world. Although already eight months from the current administration inauguration has passed, or the policy that has been announced so far is that none of only one day, or several days greatly blurred case in the unit there were several. (Omitted) Despite how the TV news THAAD (high-altitude defense missile of the United States) is carried into South Korea was reported in a big way, the government "failed to report" as did not know such as this and cause a fuss , eventually it became a sandwich state to inspire doubt in both the United states and China. Korea-Japan comfort women agreed was also thought whether to nullification, but actually is not depressed far, has been criticized as "cheated" from the response to the backlash, also former comfort women women from Japan. Re-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, serious security policy, such as naval blockade against North Korea are also staggered a description of the Ministry of National Defense and the Presidential Palace. Fair Trade Commission overturned the decision, who defeated two years in connection with before and the sale of Samsung Bussan Co., Ltd., was plunged anxiety surprise the business community. Whether the following is what policy is turned over, no longer know anyone. The government How completely shut the ear is also criticism of the strange policy to think of it, even if there is a mistake not allow their non. In the words of the statement the president's sometimes referred to as "we do not move also eyelid". But the government if even a slight cough is their proponents would a cold. Greatest risk of now government is in the government itself. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://www.chosunonline.com/site/data/html_dir/2018/01/13/2018011300420.html [Sad news] Korea's, would not realize the greatest risk. Tensei Jingo "surprised to see the South Korean young generation of political consciousness height. The wave of the candle is hard to forget." [Breaking] Moon Jae-in your place remarks north of the "apology and compensation" of South Korean President ━━ヽ(° ∀ °) Bruno ┌┛) `Д °) ·; '━━ Tsu !! [Good news] Korean government, devote Japan is 10 billion yen contributed to the construction costs of the "comfort women memorial facilities" pattern Aide to one after another "5 large" of the statement President fraud found predicament ww Japan and Korean opposition representative, rejected the fingerprinting of at Narita Airport immigration ← is?
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