[Sad news] Shironeko’s, sued from Nintendo

COLOPL 10 days, related to the core of the smart phone (smartphone) apps game "white cat project", it announced that it had filed a lawsuit of patent infringement in the Tokyo District Court from Nintendo. Nintendo damages of injunction and 4.4 billion yen in the same game, that is seeking a delay damage gold. It raised the date 2017, December 22, of litigation. According to the announcement of COLOPL, that was pointed out to infringe the patent rights of the company's holdings from Nintendo in September 2004. For more than a year, it has been described and does not infringe the patent infringement, but did not Oriawa. ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source https://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXMZO25501230Q8A110C1000000/ SimCity Yaro too interesting wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Nintendo "is put out musical video of Mariode !! (5 million play)" foreign friends "Nintendo Well ......" [Good news] Nintendo, large revival wwwwwwwwwwww Wwwww [God] game Super Mario Odyssey, the degree of freedom of action is too high Ridge Racer also Zeno series like in than can be reconstruction if Could picked up to Nintendo?
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