“Do not go to camp in the amateur of equipment and dark tone just because I saw the loose scan!” Wai

1: capture Tan 2018/01/02 (Tue) 11:39:40 ID: kamosio157 Tomorrow of the camp, I thought I should do it Bentenjima of Nagisa Park campgrounds around the Lake Hamana, it's also mount jinba camp of Ina overlooking the's a long-awaited Komagatake. I want to eat in Sosukatsu bowl after a long time https://t.co/T03Dx0eSjm - Cap Tan (Atto Kamosio157) 01 May 02, 2018 http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js I want you to evaluate because truancy was seriously made katsudon It was Sosukatsu bowl that came out to her it is said that "I make katsudon" I came to eat teriyaki Mayo Bifukatsu bowl to "Katsuya"! ! ! → tasting results www (with image) In bowl world No. 1 incompetent bowl wwwwwwwwww If you eat in the hope disappointed it was ripped off Arisugi
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