[Angel] virtual youtuber Miraiakari’s, was a woman of hourly wage 1 million (debt 60 million)

13: If blows wind nameless 2018/01/01 (Mon) 00: 12: 14.46 ID: u / Cjvjto0.net Hourly wage a million woman ww https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWY_G_VRBAo wwwww guy you're not using iPhone Yet Siri Byte destination wwwwwwwwww full of consciousness high system It's full-time had been divided by the minimum wage Once the hourly wage in terms wwww [Impact] it neat is (25) was told in the interview of the facility security bytes wwwww Section chief "It has become my manager-kun! You do and I! Problem's too this byte overtime!" I "I'm sorry ( '· ω ·`) "
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