“You do not like because cute? (Laughs)” man when the woman said Datte weak same-sex entertainer of thing say array, No flame Seriously?

1: hefty chan 2017/12/30 (Sat) 17:34:48 ID: 999Aeromarine It's not in the extreme story to hate Toka's Toka's Anti-there I am, Nagahama sleeping, Nanase Nishino, miwa, Angola village head, is insanely weak. Come to love! Know the charm! Wonder it is said that. Absolutely impossible. No good. "I'm the woman is disliked because cute, sleeping ~" different but some things that were told, not. Completely different Te or more. - hefty chan (Atto 999Aeromarine) 2017 December 30, http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js [Angel] Reina's idle Matsui of the legend of the current is here. Woman "I'm not a friend of the same sex ~. Easier to those who are talking to the boy." Wwww guy or something you want to return to the friend when the break up But handsome'm 20 years never could she wwww I do not think 40-year-old! Aki Hoshino, "too cute!" To the current figure
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