I had hit the boss of the company at yesterday’s year-end party. I do not want to go again next year company.

1: Anonymous @ open 2017/12/28 (Thu) 18:49:16 ID: dtm Boss "I wonder not cute Seriously you of the children!" I "or Hey not that ugly when the boss of the children also say Which either" Boss "dare to say paddle with it's what the hell." Colleagues, "Well Well Well" I "No, so if say or back child of the boss." Boss "the hell this to do it!" (Throw the chopsticks on the table) I "or Hey not it was said from over there." Boss "sell to Eyo Kola" (Tsukamikakaru banging my head) I "Baki'" (hitting boss) I "I go home." Why exist [truth] harsh work environment Guy of the features you do not want to eat a meal together It's full-time had been divided by the minimum wage Once the hourly wage in terms wwww Wai new employees, when I observe that you have learned in training I "Director, this is Excel is easy without any calculation mistakes better to management." Section chief "meaning not to visualize projects on the wall there is no !!!"
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