Tommo “wedding come Ya” Wye “30,000 does go because I do not want to pay.”

1: If the blows wind nameless 2017/12/25 (Mon) 14: 25: 06.83 ID: gy / Whether it was being insulated, but Wai bad? Tommo Tommo "Ya trying to Mac Night" dwarf "What it," "meat twice Ya at 100 yen" Tommo Wwwwwwww time the smartphone appeared [Sad news] drunken Wai, delicacy is too lack Wai "w of not it go to fishing," "sashimi coming out of slow Do you ordered" Tommo ← This Tommo to cut "I'm sorry Do ○○-kun, such the sick guy and Ya will reattempt to drink together ... two people," Wai "(the other edge useless ...
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