I do not want to spend money on another bike Iiiiiiii wwwww

1: The following,? VIP will send you from the channel 2017/12/24 (Sun) 01: 57: 08.199 ID: 83hZ4 / DaDEVE.net Come and car tampering or → cab OH necessary (laughs) Come and car tampering or → Saskatoon death (laughs) Come in or tampering car → rust jammed cab death (laughs) Come and car tampering or → to Te time brake pad exchange (laughs) ↑ Imakoko That it's already impossible Suman Training officer "Haaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~ (sigh)" I "!?!?!?" [Sad news] result uncle of 25-year-old went to license up wwwww [Impact] The first time using shopping has become I "had put in a great one hand ..." wwwww # 1 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww be Innovation Ira If you are a car driver Once you have savings by 10,000 yen a month for when she was able, finally www
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