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1: Debt ball 2017/12/24 (Sun) 08:51:06 ID: syakkin_dama I, for the girl was quite bullied in class when I was a child "No, she is You can either book hobby, speak'm very interesting child if" is Chakasa mess When you say, Unfortunately for each other I'm certain that you've been in, even I think I do not want to Aiu. - debt Ball (Attosyakkin_dama) 2017 December 24, Wye company of darkness deep wwwww [Sad news] court instruction from Hawaii District Court in Kazuyo Matsui [Moritomo school problem] Kanno & Kagochi "in the notification north of subsidies cancellation from Ichiro Matsui Osaka Governor!" Seiji Miyane, slip of the tongue. Woman who was bashed grab the hair of attention to the teacher (5) is arrested
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