[SKE48] Akari Suda, a rage to the corresponding scandal of Yasushi Akimoto.

Akari Suda of idol group · SKE48 is 24 days, appeared on "Sunday Japon" of the TBS system, for "love ban," which is to be in the AKB group that contains the SKE48, Yasushi Akimoto producer is specially love that is speaking and do not remember banned said, "it is I think it Do convenience is too good." Suda in relation to the topic of the scandals of sumo by former yokozuna Date horse Fuji was speaking. And in the case of AKB group there is that some measures by scandal is taken, Some people become fired just taken to "weekly magazine, the disposal was. Table Some people can work by receiving the disposal received not people also we have, "he said. For these points, "the reference of disposal is ambiguous, people in the interior as well, because the people of fans not help but inspire distrust, it is I think it Do useless" were bubbling over with. I'm angry, "... that is taken in weekly magazine or break the rules, do or think and I think we do, is not it the media pick up. When the attention goes up AKB group are anyway and everyone love is. that'm're also serious in doing people I want you to know, that it can also be said to sumo world, that there are people who are doing serious has become a problem, Sonsuru thing become Do not want to, "said the expansion of mantra. When it is pointed out that whether dont be love from co-star "I have been told to no good is. I know the rules," said objection. When plunged into laughter problem Ota from the light of the moderator as a "Yasushi Akimoto was saying I do not remember which was prohibited", continued "It is I think that convenience is too good", invited the studio of laughter . ※ the link below, some excerpts. Following is a source http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20171224-00000050-dal-ent "Sunday Japon" Akari Suda Mr. [good news] Sasuhara, collectively members of marriage announcement "If you do not remain idle in the top of the stage ..." misono "his is the children do not show absolute YouTube" → [Image] Bunshun gun and "Seiji Maehara" of North Korea Hani -. Wwwwwwwwwwwwwww that Hojiru the trap [Woman Barre] ArayaShiori-chan, but I'm cute Kusso wwwwwwwwww Completely world Catch was entertainer wwwww or something Bananaman
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