University when four years “did not give me sorry nomination” I girlfriend “along either, or a breakup.”

1: The following, (^ o ^) / You will receive a VIP 2015/12/29 (Tue) 16: 02: 04.833 ID: Now I "Yossha something I do not know but the prefectural government job offer Morota ww" Former Kano "That's a long time, I want to be what? Meet in the upcoming rice" Appeal w [Sad news] 8 years dating the original Kano married wwwww It was told to marry from someone who was dating in college [Yeah ...] LINEwwwww that came from her, which broke up after one month this was amazed 【Really? What about say if the contents of the phone came in from the original Kano first time in six years wwwww It hurts stomach from morning unreasonable mail from the original Kano
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